About the project

Short description

The subject of the project is an exhibition entitled “Contemporary landscape architecture in Visegrad countries”. The presentation of 40 best landscape architecture projects from all V4 countries is intended to draw attention to the problem of landscape shaping in Central Europe countries, where the understanding of common space is changing. The presentation of the exhibition will be combined with a cycle of seminars, discussions and catalogue of all presented projects.

Detailed project description

The term “landscape architecture” was first used in 1840, and “landscape architect” – in 1862. The profession, which has existed for over 100 years elsewhere in the world, in Central Europe is still a young field, and a landscape architect – a relatively young occupation. The scientific and practical foundations of this specialization were developed as part of architecture in its broad sense, and over the last years evolved into a new field combining architecture, planning, environmental protection, the issues of sustainable development, etc.

Social awareness of landscape architecture in Central Europe countries is very low and needs to be deepened. The aim of the project is to raise social awareness of the necessity of planning and managing landscape and to stress the importance of the tasks faced by landscape architects. The exhibition will be a presentation of ten best projects from each country selected in a contest.

It will be a touring exposition. In each country, in Warsaw; Prague, Nitra and Budapest, a ceremonial opening will take place in the presence of the representatives of the partner countries accompanied by an open seminar and discussion about the state of landscape, situation of the profession of a landscape architect and quality of the space created by landscape architects.

The exhibition of 4o projects will be presented in a public space, the printing technique allows for the possibility of outdoor exposition. We assume the presentation will be in generally accessible spaces and allow for the possibility of displaying the exhibition at fairs and other events related to the issues of landscape shaping. A follow-up to the exhibition will be a catalogue containing all presented projects.

The primary target audience comprises people connected with landscape architecture:

  • Designers, contractors,
  • Scientists, students,
  • Developers, local authorities and politicians.

The aim of the exposition and accompanying events will be exchange of experience, promoting excellence in professional practice as well as education and raising awareness of joint challenges.

A very important group of target audience will be community in its broad sense, visitors of fairs, customers of shopping malls and passers-by, the exhibition is to make them curious about and interested in landscape architecture, show spatial effects of the care of landscape and necessity of sustainable management of landscape.

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